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We are so pleased you are looking for a safe, humane, and effective alternative to shock collars. Every thoughtful feature we've put into our new BarkWise Dog Training System has been to create just that.

Many companies call shock collars "static" or "electric stimulus" to make them sound less painful than they really are. But the truth is that static is shock, shock is pain, pain is not humane! Lightning is also a form of static!

Many of us here at Good Life have tried shock collars on ourselves and we couldn’t imagine using them on our little furry friends who are half our size or much smaller. They hurt! With that in mind we have created the most effective, safe and humane bark control and dog training system available.

Like you we are dog lovers and owners too! With over a decade of bark recognition and audio experience in the pet industry, we have created the most humane and effective bark control collars on the market today. BarkWise is the first bark collar to combine vibration and ultrasonic sound technology all in a small lightweight attractive collar.

Unlike other bark control collars which are constantly burning through expensive batteries, BarkWise is completely rechargeable and will save you the hassle, time and money! Not to mention its green!


Barkwise Collar - Good Life

  • Brand: Good Life
  • Product Code: PE000014
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $119.00

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